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Ashima AT0107-OR-A Discbrake Pads


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Optimize Your Braking with Ashima AT0107-OR-A Disc Brake Pads

Upgrade your biking experience with Ashima AT0107-OR-A Disc Brake Pads. These pads feature a wave design backing that maximizes air contact area, enhancing heat dissipation while reducing overall weight.

Wave Design for Improved Cooling

The innovative wave design of these brake pads increases air contact area, effectively dissipating heat. This ensures consistent and efficient braking even under demanding conditions.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation

The channels on the backing further enhance heat dissipation, allowing for prolonged and reliable braking performance. Say goodbye to brake fade and ride with confidence on steep descents.

Weight Reduction for Efficiency

The design not only improves cooling but also reduces the overall weight of the brake pads. This means less rotational mass, resulting in improved responsiveness and maneuverability.

Compatibile Models

Models Compatible with Ashima AT0107-OR-A Discbrake Pads

Shimano  XTR BR-M9100; 
Dura Ace BR-R9170; 
Ultegra BR-R8070;
105 BR-R7070; 
Tiagra BR-4770; 
GRX BR-(RX810 / RX400); 
BR-(RS305 / RS405 / RS505 / RS805)
Tektro HD-(R350 / R310)
Rever MCX1 Flat Mount

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