Tour of Northern Thailand

28th Jan - 3rd Feb 2023
You love to ride through the mist covered mountains, but thats not going to stop you from an impromptu tea tasting session in the town market. You love to explore the narrow winding village road that follows the river, but wont mind stopping by an orange orchard enroute. You are not a tourist, you are an explorer. The culture, heritage, people and food - they are as important to you as riding your bike. This tour is for you.

Departures - 28th Jan 2022, Chiang Rai

• Bike alongside the Mekong River on the Laos and Myanmar border, passing tobacco and paddy fields on the way to the ancient Burmese kingdom of Chiang Saen
• Ride up the mystic high mountains and tea gardens of a Yunnanese village nestled at the Thai Myanmar border. Meet the hill tribes and indulge in the local tea tasting at the market
• Explore the ruins and temples of Thailand's oldest town on bicycle and foot, believed to date back to the 7th century
• Float along the gently flowing Maekok River aboard Thai longtail boats

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Tour Distance (In kms.) Elevation Gain (In mts.) Days Difficulty Cost
Tour of Northern Thailand 516 4890 7 Medium ₹ 99,000 onwards


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