TBA Coaching

A coach’s role for an endurance sport is similar to that of a personal trainer’s at the gym. However, the biggest difference lies in the individual’s goals.


At TBA, we coach clients between 17 and 60 years of age. Our clients broadly fall under two goal categories – performance and fitness.


1. Performance Oriented Coaching

We work with young cyclists who take part in professional racing, as well as middle-aged athletes who wish to compete in endurance events (both cycling & running). Irrespective of the stage you begin at, we work with you to help you work towards your goal.

2. Fitness Oriented Coaching

If you are new to cycling, and your primary goal is to start your fitness journey, we work with you to clarify your fitness goals further and help you in the journey. We understand that your goals are not to get fast, but to get active & healthy.


To register or get clarifications, please reach out to Gokul via email gokul@thebikeaffair.com or phone 9985000701


Coach bio:


Certifications: Level 3 Certified Cycling Coach (Association of British Cycling Coaches)

Gokul Krishna races as an amateur cyclist, is a sub 4 marathon runner and coaches runners, cyclists and triathletes. He is one of the very few Indians to have a Level 3 Certificate from the Association of British Cycling Coaches.

Gokul started running 18 years ago and he lasted just 45 seconds on the treadmill. Not giving up, he ran every day for 6 months, and those runs transformed him. He went from an armchair spectator to an amateur athlete. Gradually he took up cycling as well and has been a serious rider since 2009.

His love for fitness, along with interest in team dynamics & mentoring led him to become a coach in 2015. Gokul loves troubleshooting. He says, “I can’t look at someone’s running or cycling form without analyzing the technique and evaluating if there are corrections to be made.”

In these 3 years, Gokul has coached several men, women & children to compete in Indian National & club races. Athletes he has coached have completed ultra-endurance events (London-Edinburg-London 2017, Alpi 4000), marathons, and multi-day tours (like Tour of Nilgiris). Some of them have performed very well in National cycle races and have also won club races.



Gokul, being an active runner and cyclist, includes cycling, running, and entry level strength training, as part of coaching.The strength training is focused on supporting the endurance sport.


He also suggests off-the-bike exercises to ensure balanced muscle development and reduce chances of injuries.


The following is a broad overview of our process. However, we might club a few steps together based on the coaching plan that you sign up for.

  1. Our process starts with a questionnaire – we try to understand where you stand, what are your primary goals, and any pre-existing injuries.
  2. We then move on to understanding your key strengths and weaknesses in cycling/running. We follow this up with a few rides or runs to understand your style and focus areas.
  3. We then create a high-level plan customized for you.
  4. Over the course of the training period, we also introduce you to better nutrition, measures to take before and after cycling/running, and also suggest a BikeFit if needed.
  5. We also do a baseline benchmark test, which is then monitored over the course of the training period.
  6. We monitor the workouts continuously to fine tune and suggest course corrections

Coaching achievements:

Our clients have had several achievements in both racing and endurance events. While some are unique to the individual’s journey, several of them are events coveted by athletes world over.

Podium Finishes

  • Telengana State Junior Road Time Trial Cycling Champion 2017
  • Telengana State MTB Champion 2018
  • Indian National Road Cycling U 23 Top 10
  • BBCh Junior 2017 Season Winner
  • Tour of Glory Junior Champion 2017 & 2018
  • Multiple BBCh junior wins in Road & MTB in 2017 & 2018


Ultra Endurance Achievements