A well maintained bike can potentially change the whole cycling experience. It not only makes riding much more fun, but also reduces chances of abrupt failures drastically. In turn, you end up riding longer, more often. Ensuring your bike is in top condition is our priority. These are some of the steps we take to ensure we give you the best service:

  • A two week guarantee on all our service work.
  • A thorough assessment and reliable estimate that will not exceed without your approval.
  • A detailed service report at the time of delivery

Please note, that we might have a service backlog of 1-4 days (depending on the season) in general, so servicing is by appointment only. Kindly call early to book a slot.  Once a slot is booked, you can drop off the bike on that day and pick it up same day evening.


Drive Train Service – Rs 420
Go for this if you have not cleaned or lubed your chain in the last few weeks. Signs may include a dirty or squeaky chain.

  • Thorough cleaning of Chain, cassette, chainrings and derailleurs
  • Well lubed chain ( choice of lube – Dry lube, wet lube, wax lube)
  • Inspection of chain, sprocket and chainrings

Tune Up - Rs 480
Ideal if your bike is generally well maintained, but needs some attention before the weekend long ride.

  • Safety Check
  • Brake Tune up
  • Gear Tune up
  • Chain, cable and pivot point lubing
  • Air Pressure Top up

General Service – Rs 1450
We recommend doing this once every 6-9 months or approx every 1200-1500 km, whichever is earlier. This keeps your bike in top condition and reduces the chance of unpredictable failures.

  • Tune Up + Drive Train Service +
  • Wheel alignment
  • Parts regreasing ( Headset, brake calipers, pedals)
  • Shiny Clean Bike

Strip Down Service – Rs 3000
All parts are stripped off, serviced, and then put back on the bike. Can transform a rattling unkept bike to a shiny great ride. Recommended once a year or once every 5000-6000 km.

  • General Service +
  • Striping off all parts
  • Replacement of brake and gear cables/outers (labour only)
  • Hub regreasing
  • Bottom bracket regreasing
  • Cleaning, regreasing and refitting of the bike
  • Optional Front Suspension service ( coil type)– Rs 600
  • Flat Fixing : Rs 120
  • Tube Changing : Rs 120
  • Liner and rim tape Installation : Rs 120/Tube
  • Minor Wheel True : Rs 120
  • Major Wheel True : Rs 360
  • Cleat Installation : Rs 360
  • Bike Boxing : Rs 830
  • Bike Assembly : Rs 830
  • Brake Bleeding ( Hydraulic brake set) : Rs 830
  • Bike Build : Rs 6,000
NOTE: All the above prices are inclusive of 18% GST