SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings | The Bike Affair
SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings | The Bike Affair
SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings | The Bike Affair
SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings | The Bike Affair

SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings


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SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings: Unparalleled Chain Management

Advanced Chain Control Technology: The SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings are designed to redefine the standard for chain control on 1x drivetrains. With their innovative design featuring large and rectangular teeth, these chainrings surpass the conventional triangular tooth profiles in delivering maximum chain control. This design ensures that the chain remains securely in place, reducing the likelihood of derailment under intense riding conditions.

Precision Engineered for Performance: Each tooth's sharp, narrow profile and rounded, beveled edges are meticulously engineered to manage a deflected chain efficiently. This precision aids in maintaining consistent power transfer and smoothness across all riding conditions, whether you're accelerating on a flat road or powering up a steep climb.

Designed for the Demands of Mud and Dirt: Recognizing the challenges posed by off-road and adverse weather conditions, the X-Sync chainrings include a mud recess feature. This design allows for mud and debris to be cleared more effectively, ensuring that your drivetrain remains clean and functional even in the muddiest conditions, making it a perfect companion for gravel and adventure riding as well as road cycling.

A Key Component of SRAM 1x™ Drivetrains: As an integral part of the SRAM 1x™ drivetrain ecosystem, these chainrings are designed to work seamlessly with SRAM's wide range of 1x11 speed components. The compatibility across the system ensures a unified and efficient drivetrain setup that leverages the best of SRAM's engineering for unmatched performance.

CNC-Machined for Precision and Durability: The SRAM X-Sync chainrings are CNC-machined from durable materials to ensure precision in every detail. This manufacturing process guarantees that each chainring meets SRAM's high standards for quality, performance, and longevity, providing you with a reliable component that can withstand the rigors of road cycling.

Elevate Your Cycling Experience: With the SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings, you're not just upgrading your bike; you're enhancing your entire cycling experience. The unparalleled chain management, precision engineering, and compatibility with the SRAM 1x™ drivetrain make these chainrings a must-have for cyclists seeking to push their performance to new heights.


Specifications of SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings

Model ID  CR-XSNC-110-A1
Material (Chainring) Aluminum
Speeds 11
Color (Chainring)
Argon Grey, Black
Chainring Size
40T, 42T, 44T
Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD)
110 BCD
Weight 72 g
Weight Based On 42T
Compatibility Force 1
Rival 1
CX 1

Technology of SRAM X-Sync 110BCD 1X11 Speed Road Chainrings


X-Sync™ 1X chainrings from SRAM provide the highest performance and durability. Long SRAM X-Sync™ tooth edges grip the chain earlier than standard triangular teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile and the rounded bevelled edges support the chain guide. To guarantee the best possible performance for muddy terrain, X-Sync™ chainrings have recesses for the inner chain links and rollers to remove dirt and mud. German-made X-Sync™ chainrings are an important part of SRAM 1X™ drivetrains.

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