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SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit


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SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit: Essential Maintenance for Optimal Brake Performance

Comprehensive Brake Maintenance Solution

The SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit is designed to provide cyclists with a comprehensive solution for maintaining the optimal performance of their hydraulic brake systems. This essential tool kit enables you to perform professional-quality brake bleeds, ensuring that your brakes respond quickly and effectively, no matter the riding conditions.

Designed for SRAM Hydraulic Brakes

Tailored specifically for SRAM hydraulic brake systems, this kit ensures that every component fits perfectly, offering a hassle-free maintenance experience. Whether you have SRAM road disc brakes or mountain bike brakes, this tool kit has you covered.

Maintain Brake Performance and Longevity

Regular bleeding of your hydraulic brakes is crucial for maintaining performance and extending the life of your brake system. Air bubbles within the hydraulic fluid can lead to decreased braking power and responsiveness. The SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit allows you to remove these air bubbles, ensuring that your brakes are always in top condition.

DIY Friendly with Professional Results

Designed with both novice and experienced mechanics in mind, the SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit comes with clear instructions, making it easy to bleed your brakes like a pro. This not only saves you a trip to the bike shop but also gives you the satisfaction of maintaining your bike yourself.

Invest in Your Ride's Performance

By ensuring that your brake system is free of air and contains fresh hydraulic fluid, you're investing in the safety and performance of your ride.

The SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit is an invaluable addition to any cyclist's maintenance kit, keeping your brakes performing reliably ride after ride.

In the Box

Box Contents of SRAM Standard Bleeding Tool Kit

Kit includes
  • 2 syringes/fittings
  • Bleed blocks
  • Torx tool
  • Crow`s foot
  • Bleeding Edge fitting

Note: Does not include Brake Fluid

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