SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set | The Bike Affair
SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set | The Bike Affair

SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set


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SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set: Reliable Performance for Every Ride

Tailored for Real Riders: The SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set stands as a testament to SRAM's commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable components tailored for the demands of real-world cyclists. Whether you're diving into the competitive world of road racing or embarking on uncharted journeys, the Rival 22 brakes are engineered to provide the stopping power and reliability you need to tackle any challenge.

Mechanical Precision for All Conditions: Designed with precision and durability in mind, the Rival 22 mechanical brakes offer exceptional performance in a variety of riding conditions. From steep descents to high-speed sprints, these brakes give you the confidence to push your limits, knowing that reliable stopping power is at your fingertips.

Versatile Performance: The SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set is versatile enough to handle the rigors of road racing as well as the unpredictability of adventure riding. This adaptability makes the Rival 22 brakes a go-to choice for cyclists who demand performance across a broad spectrum of cycling disciplines.

Engineered for the Challenge: SRAM understands that cyclists face diverse challenges on the road, which is why the Rival 22 brakes are engineered to meet and exceed these demands. With a focus on reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance, these brakes ensure that you can focus on the ride, knowing that your braking system won't let you down.

Elevate Your Cycling Experience: Choosing the SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set means opting for a braking system that's built to perform under pressure. Whether you're upgrading your current setup or building a new bike, the Rival 22 brakes promise to elevate your cycling experience, providing the safety, performance, and reliability that serious riders demand.


Features of SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set

  • Forged aluminum arms and stainless hardware
  • SRAM Road mechanical shift-brake lever compatible
  • Dual pivot design increases braking power and enhances progressive feel
  • Clearance for tires up to 28c
  • SwissStop pad compound

Specifications of SRAM Rival 22 Brake Caliper Set

Model ID  RB-RIV-B1
Orientation Front, Pair, Rear
Compat - Cable Pull
Nut Length (Rim Brake)
10 mm, 16 mm, n/a
Reach (RB)
Pad Type
Boss Spacer (mm)
Brake Type
Weight Based On

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