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SRAM NX X-Horizon 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur


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SRAM NX X-HORIZON™ 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur: Unmatched Shifting Precision

Seamless Performance Across the Board

Embrace the precision and reliability of the SRAM NX X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur, designed to deliver the high-end performance of the XX1 groupset to a more accessible level. This derailleur brings together SRAM’s best-in-class technology to offer smooth, reliable shifting for all riders.

X-HORIZON™ Design for Flawless Shifting

At the heart of the SRAM NX X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur is a design that limits all movement to the horizontal axis, significantly enhancing shift accuracy. This crucial feature not only speeds up shifting but also eliminates ghost shifting and reduces shift force, ensuring a seamless transition across your 1x11 speed setup.

X-SYNC™ Pulley Wheels for Enhanced Stability

Equipped with 12-tooth X-SYNC™ pulley wheels, the SRAM NX X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur maintains a perfect harmony between the chain and pulley. The larger upper pulley offset is engineered to facilitate flawless chain management, minimizing unwanted chain movement and reducing both chain slap and noise for a quieter, smoother ride.

CAGE LOCK™ Technology for Maintenance Ease

SRAM’s innovative CAGE LOCK™ technology simplifies wheel removal and installation, making maintenance a breeze. With the flip of a switch, the derailleur cage is locked in place, allowing for easy access to the wheel. This feature is invaluable for riders who frequently travel with their bike or those who find themselves needing to perform trailside repairs.

Built for the Trail Ahead

The SRAM NX X-HORIZON™ 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur is constructed to withstand the varied demands of mountain biking, from aggressive downhill sections to technical climbs. Its robust build ensures durability, while its precision engineering guarantees that every shift is as smooth and reliable as the last.

Elevate Your Ride with SRAM NX X-HORIZON™

Whether you're upgrading your current setup or building up a new ride, the SRAM NX X-HORIZON™ 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur offers the performance and reliability needed to tackle any trail. Experience the difference in your ride with the seamless shifting, reduced noise, and enhanced durability of SRAM NX X-HORIZON™.


Features of SRAM NX X-Horizon 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur

  • The NX 1x11 X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur is an integral part of the SRAM 1x™ drivetrain system
  • This rear derailleur was designed specifically for demands of 1x MTB applications
  • Most affordable fully featured 1x rear derailleur in the industry
  • This is the ideal rear derailleur for the $1K bike

Specifications of SRAM NX X-Horizon 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur

Cage(RD) Long
Cable Pull Ratio X-actuation
Speed(RD) 11s
Color(RD) Black
Cage Material(RD) Steel
Pulley Bearings Material Steel
Max Tooth 42
Weight(g) 322

Technology of SRAM NX X-Horizon 1x11 Speed Rear Derailleur

Cage Lock- With Cage Lock technology in the rear derailleur, wheel removal and installation-as well as chain installation-becomes faster and simpler. Just push the cage forward to create slack and lock it into place.

Roller Bearing Clutch- Roller Bearing Clutch technology eliminates derailleur bounce and chain slap without sacrificing precision.

X-Actuation- Developed specifically for SRAM 1x, X-actuation keeps shifting sharp and consistent across the entire cassette.

X-Horizon- This rear-derailleur's "straight parallelogram" design limits all movement to the horizontal axis, which makes ghost shifting impossible while also reducing shift force. For quicker, more exact shifting, the large upper pulley offset design maintains a constant chain gap across all gears.

X-Sync- SRAM X-Sync 1x chainrings provide the highest level of performance and durability. The SRAM X-Sync tall square teeth edges engage the chain earlier than traditional triangle shaped teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile, as well as rounded chamfer edges, help manage a deflected chain. To provide the best possible performance in muddy conditions, the X-Sync chainrings have been designed with mud-clearing recesses for the inner chain links and rollers. Engineered in Germany, X-Sync rings are an integral part of the SRAM 1x drivetrain. Accept no imitation.

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