SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair
SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake | The Bike Affair

SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake


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SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake: The Pinnacle of Value and Performance

Optimized for Practicality and Durability

The SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake is designed with an understanding that true value in cycling components is not just about competitive pricing but encompasses practicality, durability, and sensible design. The Level TLM embodies this philosophy, offering riders a high-performance braking solution that doesn't compromise on quality or reliability.

Alloy Lever Blades and DirectLink Actuation

Featuring alloy lever blades, the Level TLM provides a balance between lightweight performance and strength. The DirectLink actuation ensures a direct connection between the lever and the caliper, offering immediate response and powerful braking with minimal effort. This precise control is essential for navigating technical trails and demanding terrains with confidence.

Advanced Fluid and Caliper Design

Utilizing DOT 5.1 fluid, the Level TLM benefits from higher thermal resistance and more consistent performance across varying temperatures and conditions. The newly designed two-piston, two-piece caliper further enhances this brake's reliability and effectiveness, delivering consistent stopping power and modulation.

Compact, Lightweight Package

Despite its robust features and durable construction, the Level TLM is designed to be compact and lightweight. This ensures that adding superior braking capability to your bike doesn't come at the expense of agility or speed, making it suitable for a wide range of riding styles and disciplines.

Reliable Performance, All Day Long

The SRAM Level TLM is built for riders who demand reliable performance throughout the longest days on the trail. Its tried-and-true machinery guarantees that you can focus on the ride, knowing that your brakes will perform flawlessly, time after time. Whether you're an endurance rider, a weekend warrior, or a trail enthusiast, the Level TLM offers the perfect blend of performance, durability, and value.

Elevate Your Ride with SRAM Level TLM

Choosing the SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake means opting for a brake system that won't let you down. With its sensible design, advanced materials, and rider-focused features, the Level TLM stands as a testament to SRAM's commitment to delivering quality and value. Upgrade to Level TLM brakes and experience the difference of all-day, never-quit performance on every ride.


Features of SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake

  • A modern XC brake for the most demanding rides and races.
  • Approachable price for bikes and riders of all levels.

Specifications of SRAM Level TLM Hydraulic Disc Brake

Application(DB) MTB
Brake Type Hydraulic
Color(DB) Diffusion Black Anodized
Blade Material Aluminium-Forged
Orientation Front, Rear
Pad Type(Disc) Steel-backed organic
Bracket(Disc Brake) Direct mount DIR
Reach Adjust Tooled
Contact Adjust No
Hydraulic Fluid DOT 5.1
Lever Pivot Bushing

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