SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper | The Bike Affair
SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper | The Bike Affair
SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper | The Bike Affair
SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper | The Bike Affair

SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper


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SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper: Modern Braking Meets Wireless Precision

Modern Design for Today's Cyclists: The SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper is crafted to meet the demands of contemporary cycling, seamlessly integrating mechanical rim braking efficiency with the advanced wireless Force eTap AXS™ groupset. This fusion of traditional braking reliability and cutting-edge technology ensures a riding experience that is both familiar and revolutionary.

Optimized for Wider Tires: Acknowledging the trend towards wider road tires for enhanced comfort and performance, the updated SRAM Force brakeset features a dual pivot design. This innovation not only accommodates the increased tire widths without sacrificing brake reach but also maintains the high braking power SRAM is known for. Riders can now enjoy the benefits of wider tires without any compromise on braking efficiency.

Dual Pivot Design for Enhanced Braking Power: The dual pivot construction of the Force Road Brake Caliper is a testament to SRAM's commitment to performance and safety. By optimizing the caliper's geometry, SRAM ensures that riders experience consistent, powerful braking across all conditions. Whether navigating steep descents or coming to a sudden stop, the Force brake calipers provide the control and confidence you need.

Compatibility and Specifications: The SRAM Force AXS Front Road Brake Caliper comes equipped with a 16mm nut, while the rear caliper features a 10mm nut, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of road bike frames. This thoughtful consideration for varying frame specifications underscores SRAM's dedication to versatility and ease of installation.

Elevating Road Cycling Performance: With the SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper, cyclists are equipped with a braking system that marries the best of mechanical and electronic advancements. The integration with Force eTap AXS™ groupset not only simplifies the cockpit but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bike. Whether you're upgrading your current setup or assembling a new road machine, the SRAM Force brakeset promises a leap forward in braking performance and wireless integration, setting a new standard for what riders can expect from their equipment.


Features of SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper

  • Dual pivot design increases braking power and enhances progressive feel
  • Wider clearance for modern tires and wheelsets (up to 28c)
  • Updated finish to match SRAM Force eTap AXS™
  • Includes SwissStop pads

Specifications of SRAM Force Road Brake Caliper

Model ID  RB-FRC-D1
Orientation Front, Rear
Compat - Cable Pull
Nut Length (Rim Brake)
10mm, 16mm
Reach (RB)
Pad Type
Cartridge, Cartridge - Carbon
Boss Spacer (mm)
Brake Type

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