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Choose Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves – Where Performance Meets Innovation.

Say goodbye to tube-related headaches with Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves, the epitome of style, performance, and functionality. These valves are not just about looks; they're packed with features to simplify the tubeless setup, making it a hassle-free experience for every cyclist.

Tool-Packed Valve Caps: Juice Lubes takes it a step further by equipping each valve cap with three super-useful tools – more than any other in the market. No need to fret about losing tools; both caps are loaded with a valve core tool and spoke keys for 3.2mm and 3.4mm spoke nipples.

Easy Sealant Addition: Make adding sealant a breeze with our removable valve core. The valve core tool is always within reach, ensuring you're prepared for any tubeless maintenance on the go.

Versatile Allen Key Base: The 4mm Allen key base ensures easy removal, and a selection of rubber grommets guarantees a perfect, airtight fit. The slotted base is compatible with tire inserts, while the flat-sided edges on the lock ring provide a secure and tight grip.

Recyclable Packaging: We care for the environment as much as you do. Our packaging is 100% cardboard, making it easy to recycle and reducing our collective environmental footprint.

Sleek and Functional: Not only are Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves the best-looking in the game, but they also deliver top-notch performance. Elevate your cycling experience with valves that combine style, functionality, and environmental responsibility.

Make tubeless setups a walk in the park with Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves – because your cycling adventures deserve the best.


Specifications of Juice Lubes Tubeless Valves

Compatibility MTB - CX -Road
Material Premium 7075 Aluminium
Integrated Tools Valve Core Removal Tool
3.2mm spoke key
3.4mm spoke key


Tyre Insert Compatible Designed to be compatible with tyre inserts, potentially enhancing puncture protection or optimizing tire performance.
Allen Key Base 4 mm Allen Key Base
Wrenchable Locking Nut Ensure a secure and tight fit, preventing air leaks in tubeless setups.
Rubber Grommets Accommodating different rim or valve hole sizes, ensuring a proper seal.
100% Card Packaging Suggesting an eco-friendly or recyclable packaging choice.
Color and Size Options Available in eight colors for customization. Two size options are offered: 48mm for rims up to 30mm deep and 65mm for rims up to 45mm deep, ensuring compatibility with various rim depths.
Country of Origin China

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