Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube | The Bike Affair
Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube | The Bike Affair
Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube | The Bike Affair
Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube | The Bike Affair
Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube | The Bike Affair

Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube


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Keep your bike running smoothly and effortlessly even in dry weather conditions with our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube. Experience the future of drivetrain lubrication and elevate your cycling performance to new heights.

Unparalleled Performance in Dry Conditions: Specifically formulated to excel over long distances in dry and dusty conditions, our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube delivers the ultimate lubrication for your bike chain. It provides total corrosion protection, ensuring your chain stays in optimal condition even in challenging environments.

Maximized Power Output and Reduced Friction: Featuring advanced nano ceramic particles and synthetic polymers, our dry lube minimizes metal to metal contact to an unprecedented level. This groundbreaking technology maximizes your power output, allowing for smoother and more efficient pedaling. Experience up to 10 times the performance compared to conventional chain oils and lubes.

Enhanced Chain Protection: With its ceramic coating, our C3 Dry Weather Lube provides increased drive chain protection. This durable coating acts as a shield, reducing wear and tear and extending the lifespan of your chain.

Safety and Environmental Consciousness: We care about your well-being and the planet. That's why our C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is crafted with a biodegradable, petroleum-free formula. You can confidently use it without worrying about harmful chemicals. Ride with peace of mind, knowing you're making an eco-friendly choice.

Easy Application and Versatile Sizes: Applying our C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is a breeze. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience. The lube is available in 50ml and 120ml sizes, catering to your specific needs. Whether you're in the workshop, hitting the road, or conquering the trails, our C3 Dry Ceramic Lube is your go-to solution for top-notch performance.

Upgrade your cycling experience with C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube and witness the difference it makes in your rides. Don't let dry conditions hinder your performance - keep your drivetrain smooth, protected, and ready to conquer any challenge.


Features of Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube

Elevate your cycling experience to new heights with our premium C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube. Engineered for road cycling, cyclocross, and MTB, this high-performance lubricant delivers unparalleled results in a variety of conditions, ensuring your drivetrain runs smoothly and efficiently.

Unleash Your Performance in Any Condition: Designed to excel in damp, dry, and dusty conditions, our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube provides the ultimate performance for all your rides. No matter the weather or terrain, trust our lube to keep your drivetrain operating at its best.

Environmentally Friendly Formula: We prioritize the health of both your bike and the planet. That's why our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube is crafted with a petroleum-free formula. By opting for our eco-friendly lubricant, you contribute to the preservation of our environment while ensuring optimal protection for your drivetrain.

Enhanced Drive Chain Protection: Experience the benefits of our ceramic coating technology. The ceramic coating creates an additional layer of protection for your drive chain, minimizing friction and reducing wear and tear. This results in improved durability and a longer lifespan for your components.

Long Distance Performance: Engineered with synthetic polymers, our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube is designed for long-distance rides. These polymers ensure smooth and efficient power transfer, allowing you to maximize your performance and push your limits on the road or trail.

Unrivaled Durability: Expect exceptional durability from our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube. With its advanced formulation, this lube withstands the demands of challenging riding conditions, ensuring consistent performance and reliable protection mile after mile.

Easy Application and Complete Coverage: Applying our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube is a breeze, thanks to the convenient pipette system. This allows for precise and mess-free application, ensuring optimal coverage on your drivetrain. To ensure 100% coverage, we even include a UV torch for easy inspection.

Choose our C3 Dry Weather Ceramic Lube and experience the difference in your rides. From road cycling to cyclocross and MTB adventures, our lube provides unmatched performance, eco-consciousness, and durability. Take your cycling to the next level and enjoy a smoother, more efficient ride in any condition.

How To Use

Usage Directions of Muc-Off C3 Dry Ceramic Lube

  • Fully de-grease drive chain thoroughly before lube application.
  • Ensure drive chain area is dry.
  • Shake bottle vigorously and apply a moderate amount of C3 Dry Lube to the inside chain link, whilst spinning pedals in a reverse motion.
  • Ideally apply 3-4 hours before your ride.
  • Check to make sure the lube coverage is even using the supplied UV Torch!
  • Wipe excess lube carefully

Formulated For Dry Weather Riding

Provides the ultimate performance in damp, dry & dusty conditions

Incredible Durability

Maximises your power output by reducing metal to metal contact

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