Juice Lubes Wet Conditions Chain Lube | The Bike Affair
Juice Lubes Wet Conditions Chain Lube | The Bike Affair

Juice Lubes Wet Conditions Chain Lube


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Introducing Juice Lubes Chain Juice Wet Conditions Chain Lube: Your Ultimate Chain Oil for Wet Conditions

Built for Bad Asses: Are you a rider who sees opportunity in a foul forecast? Do you press on into the storm, craving windswept peaks and deep, dank woodlands? Then Chain Juice Wet is your ultimate companion. Tough as old boots and built for bad asses like you.

Resilient Performance: Chain Juice Wet is tough, resilient, and built to keep your shifting smooth even under the heaviest of loads. It stays put through the grimiest of gloop and ensures your gears remain crisp, smooth, silent, and rust-free in the most diabolical conditions.

Waterproof and Anti-Rust: Don't let rain, mud, or puddles slow you down. Chain Juice Wet is waterproof and anti-rust, providing reliable protection for your chain and drivetrain components, even in the wettest conditions.

Stay on Track: With Chain Juice Wet, you can ride with confidence knowing that your chain oil won't fling off when you're hurtling at top speed down your favorite hillside. Stay on track and keep your focus where it belongs—on the trail ahead.

For the Toughest Rides: Whether you're tackling British winters, muddy trails, or wet roads, Chain Juice Wet is up to the challenge. It's designed for the toughest rides and the most adventurous riders who refuse to let bad weather stand in their way.

Ride Like a Bad Ass: Embrace the elements and ride like a true bad ass with Juice Lubes Chain Juice Wet. Don't let wet conditions dampen your spirit—gear up with Chain Juice Wet and conquer the trails with confidence.

Experience the Difference: Upgrade to Chain Juice Wet and experience the difference on every ride. Enjoy smoother shifting, quieter drivetrains, and enhanced rust protection, mile after mile.

With Chain Juice Wet, you can conquer every trail, no matter how wet or muddy. Ride with confidence knowing that your chain oil can handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


Features of Juice Lubes Wet Conditions Chain Lube

  • Suitable for use on all types of bike. Road, Cyclocross, MTB, Commuter.
  • High quality base oil containing special additives to ensure outstanding water tolerance and corrosion protection.
  • Excels in wet or muddy riding conditions.
  • Resistant to water for chain and drivetrain component protection.
  • Reduces friction.
  • Manufactured to exacting viscosity requirements to ensure maximum performance in the most severe riding conditions.
  • Extremely durable, giving long distance performance in adverse conditions.
  • Utilizes advanced, stable Extreme Pressure additives to significantly increase chain life and drivetrain efficiency.
  • Suitable for use in freehubs.
How To Use

Directions for Use of Juice Lubes Wet Conditions Chain Lube

Step By Step

Step 1  Start clean.
Give your chain a proper good degrease with Dirt Juice Boss Chain Cleaner and The Dirty Little Scrubber chain cleaning tool.
Rinse with fresh water and leave to dry.
Step 2 Apply a thin layer of Chain Juice Wet to the top of your chain whilst back pedalling your cranks.
Go steady, you don’t need loads. You’ve used enough when the sound of driving rain on your window drowns out your chain. Wipe off any excess.
Step 3 Don waterproof socks, winter gloves and bright lights then ride, rinse, repeat.
Empty those puddles with your wheels, plough axle deep ruts, slide turns and bomb back to the car as the light fades on wet, windy hillsides.
When you’re done, give your bike a wash and a lube for the next time.

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