Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant 14ml | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant 14ml | The Bike Affair
Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant 14ml | The Bike Affair

Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant 14ml


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Experience the ultimate in bicycle chain lubrication with Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant

Trusted by professional riders and proven on the world's toughest stages, Graphenlube is the pinnacle of chain lubrication technology.

Award-Winning Performance: Winner of prestigious jerseys in the general classification of Le Tour de France and La Vuelta, Graphenlube has been celebrated for its outstanding performance and reliability by the world's top cyclists.

Graphene Technology: Graphenlube is the world's first hydrocarbon-based (wax) chain lubricant infused with graphene, a revolutionary material known for its strength and durability. This unique formula delivers unparalleled lubrication performance and longevity.

Exceptional Durability: Graphenlube offers extraordinary durability with a single application, allowing riders to go up to 1800km in dry conditions without reapplication. This exceptional longevity ensures fewer interruptions for maintenance and more time on the road or trail.

Low Friction: Despite its long-lasting durability, Graphenlube maintains impressively low friction levels, resulting in smoother pedaling and improved efficiency. Riders can enjoy 3-10W savings over other lubricants, enhancing their performance and speed.

Versatile Application: Perfect for a wide range of cycling disciplines, including road, triathlon, gravel, mountain biking, and e-bikes, Graphenlube is a versatile lubricant that excels in both wet and dry conditions. Whether you're training, racing, or exploring, Graphenlube delivers consistent performance.

Elevate your cycling experience with Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant and enjoy unparalleled durability, low friction, and performance on every ride.


Specifications of Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant

Size  14 ml / 0.47 oz
Color When Liquid: Light Grey When Solid: Black
Composition Hydrocarbon (wax) based water emulsion containing special mix of high purity Graphene. it does not contain any harmful solvents
Storage Store between 5-35°C (41-95°F) Do NOT allow to freeze.
Designed in UK
Manufactured in Poland (EU)

Advantages of Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant

  • Able to hold sub 5 Watts of frictional loss over 900km on a Single application (in dry, low dust road conditions. After immersive lubing)
  • It gives you “free” power regardless the conditions- read more below.
  • Extends life of your drivetrain, hence saving on replacement costs.
  • Repels water and does not attract dirt
  • Dry, paste like coating that can stay on the chain over 1800km (in dry, low dust road conditions. After immersive lubing)
  • Unique black look of the lubricant when dry
  • Safe- Does not contain any harmful solvents.

The Product:

In simple terms it’s a “wax” based water emulsion, with a special mix of high purity graphene, that is liquid when you apply and becomes almost solid when it dries on the chain. Wax based lubricants exhibit far greater tolerance to water and dirt contamination, successfully separating moving chain parts from abrasion and filling in all the imperfections on friction surfaces. Graphene – the wonder material that is still not commonly used because of its incredibly high cost, is a great additive for a few reasons. It has extremely low friction coefficient in all the environments, is far stronger than any known material to a man and it can cling to metal protecting friction surfaces from excessive abrasion. Moreover, it repels the water and is not permeable to air reducing therefore oxidative stress on the metal surface. Even a single atom layer is enough to reduce the friction considerably.

It took us two years to find the right ratio of crumpled to non-crumpled graphene, size of graphene platelets, dispersion rate of agglomerates, concentration and finally figuring out a low friction hydrocarbon emulsion base that will stay on the chain for very long time and not chip away like paraffin wax is known for. The end result is a lubricant that on a single application will hold sub 5 Watts of frictional losses over 900km distance. We have created essentially a new category of performance lubricants.

How To Lubricate

How To Lubricate Your Chain With Absolute Black Graphenlube Wax Lubricant

1. Wipe the chain with a cloth. (Use gloves)

2. Shake the bottle. Apply the lube continuously to the inside of a chain turning cranks backwards (simple dripping procedure).

3. Let the lube dry for a min. of 2h before riding, ideally overnight.

  • For absolute maximum Racing performance where every watt counts, re-lube (by dripping) every 600km or sooner in dry conditions and after every wet ride. If you race, apply a day before the race.
  • For everyday riding you can re-lube (by dripping) between 900-1200km in dry road conditions and after 3-4 rides in wet conditions or when you hear chain becomes dry.
  • Always apply to a dry chain.

First Application: Take the chain off the bike or use brand new chain and clean it using a solvent (like White Spirit or mineral turps) by immersing the chain completely in the solvent for 20-60min using the poly bag that was delivered with the large lube bottle (Use gloves). Shake the bag with chain for 1min at the end. Take chain out and let it fully dry (2-12h). Fully immerse the chain in the lube (use second poly bag) for about 2-10min. You will need to pour at min 30ml of the lube to the bag, ideally 50ml or more (you will recycle the rest back to the bottle). You should gently shake and articulate the links through the bag. Remove the chain, hang it in place with good airflow, not touching anything and let it dry completely (Ideally overnight). With this initial procedure you will use up about 10-15ml of lube - rest you will pour back to the bottle to be reused. You need min 2x 14ml bottles (or a big one) to do initial immersion. We recommend wearing gloves and safety glasses during the first application procedure.

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