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BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter


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BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter - Your Solution for Y Frame Bikes

Introducing the BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter, the ultimate solution for transporting Y frame bikes on car racks. This adapter acts as an artificial top tube, allowing you to securely and conveniently transport your bike on car racks without any hassle.

Sandy Black Powder Coating

The Bike Beam Pro Adapter features a sleek sandy black powder coating that adds a touch of elegance to its heavy steel tube construction. Not only does it look good, but it also ensures durability and reliable performance, providing a long-lasting solution for your bike transportation needs.

A Must-Have for Y Frame Bikes

If you own a Y frame bike, you know the challenges of finding the perfect fit on standard car racks. The BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter solves this problem by acting as an artificial top tube, creating a secure connection point on your bike for easy and safe transport.

Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

When transporting your bike by car, it's crucial to use a reliable car rack that keeps your bike secure and protects your vehicle's interior. The Bike Beam Pro Adapter fits onto car racks and ensures your bike is held safely and securely outside the car, leaving the interior clean and uncluttered.

Versatile and Safe

With the Bike Beam Pro Adapter, you can carry your Y frame bike with confidence. The heavy steel tube construction provides a sturdy and stable foundation for your bike, ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

About BnB Brand

BnB is a renowned brand recognized worldwide for its high-quality bicycle racks, carriers, cable locks, and other accessories. Designed by experienced American engineers in Taiwan, BnB RACK products are engineered to make your outdoor adventures safe and comfortable.

Upgrade Your Bike Transportation

Upgrade your bike transportation with the BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter - the perfect solution for Y frame bikes. Experience convenience, safety, and style during your travels.

Efficiency and Reliability

With the Bike Beam Pro Adapter, you get both efficiency and reliability. Say goodbye to bike transportation worries and embark on worry-free adventures.

Transport your Y frame bike with ease and confidence - get the BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter now and enjoy stress-free bike transportation.


Specifications of BnB Bike Beam Pro Adapter

  • Acts as artificial top tube for Y frame bikes
  • Heavy steel tubing construction
  • UV resistant powder coating finish
  • Clamp in distance: Min: 55 cm, Max: 74 cm

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