Featured Rider

Gaurav Choudhury

My name is Gaurav Choudhury. I am originally from Guwahati (Assam) and presently residing here at Hyderabad. I love to travel, capture moments, listen to good music and have a fun time doing what I love. I am an IT professional for the past 13 years and off-lately been an avid cyclist.

When & how you got into cycling?
Back in 2020, after the pandemic struck there was no life except stay indoors and just eat-work-sleep-repeat. Hence, there was a lot of self-realization to life, what’s going on all around the world and so it struck me to what am I doing and if I should do things differently.

I was neglecting my health and was surely not in my best physical condition but then it just happened. I finally made up my mind to get into the grind and start working on myself. As a kid, I’ve always loved cycling but never quite got enough of it. I finally went ahead and bought a cycle for myself. I still remember how ecstatic I was when I brought it home; eagerly waiting for the next morning to start off; it brought back old memories.

What is your most memorable cycling incident/ride?
Every time I sat on my saddle and went off to explore the city around me, it was a memorable event. I shifted to Hyderabad, back in 2019 and there wasn’t much I explored around the city. I was usually caught up with routine stuff. With cycling, I got my freedom to not just workout but also explore places around me. Specifically, there have been a few moments which were quite memorable.

From my first 50 kms ride to my first 100 kms ride and lately my 600 kms brevet from Hyderabad to Vijaywada and back is the most memorable moment of all. I was able to push myself beyond my capability and endure this long-distance ride.There was a memorable incident (not a happy one though), where I met with an accident and had multiple fractures. It was around this time, when I was cycling literally every day, non-stop but it came to a temporary halt as the injuries I sustained led to a surgery. I was down and out for 5 months until I decided to go back on my saddle again. I never looked back after that.

What bicycle(s) you ride?
I started cycling on an MTB (a Scott Aspect 950) which I rode for over a year. After that, I switched to a road bike, a Canyon Endurace CF SL 7 and that has been like the best decision ever.

How do you make time for cycling?
This is one of the most common questions people ask me. Amidst work, sleep, family, and everything else, one must find time for what they love (no matter what). It’s all about improvising and finding opportunities to when and how long I can ride. Sometimes the rides are for just 30 minutes! But to be able to spend at least a fraction of my time in a day cycling, makes me feel complete. I am determined to go out cycling, beat it sunny or raining as long as I have some time to spare. I even take my bike out to even run errands (if possible). This helps me save on fuel and work on my body.
A WIN-WIN for ME !!

How has cycling changed your health and lifestyle?
Cycling has changed my life drastically. The sense of freedom I get riding my bicycle gives me immense pleasure and fills me up with joy. In today’s world with work and stress, our mental and physical health goes for a toss but with cycling, I was able to achieve some balance to it. I’ve even started being on a controlled diet because I was very much obese and today, I am proud and happy to say, I’ve lost 28 kilos of overweightness. And it feels damn good, especially when I can fit into my old jeans and t-shirts from another lifetime.

How has your experience with TBA been?

TBA has been like the one stop shop where I’ve been spoiled like a child at the candy store. I don’t blame them, but it’s the experience and service I receive that makes me come back every single time.They have a vast collection of bikes, cycling components, accessories, apparel and even a proper bike fit to make one feel comfortable on their saddle. Not to forget the “adorable doggos” who greet me with absolute love and affection, and they always spend time with me, every time I drop by.