Tripeak T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm) | The Bike Affair
Tripeak T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm) | The Bike Affair
Tripeak T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm) | The Bike Affair
Tripeak T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm) | The Bike Affair

Tripeak T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm)


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The T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm) by Tripeak is designed to accommodate the T47 bottom bracket standard, which has gained popularity among custom bike manufacturers. T47 represents a "threaded" bottom bracket standard with an approximate outside thread diameter of 47 millimeters. Unlike the traditional BSA (Birmingham Small Arms) threaded bottom brackets, T47 cups have larger dimensions, providing enhanced compatibility with modern oversized frame designs.

T47 Bottom Bracket Standard

The T47 standard combines the threaded interface, known for its reliability, with the larger diameter found in standards like PF30 and EVO386. This results in a robust and versatile bottom bracket system suitable for a wide range of frames.

Shimano Compatibility

This bottom bracket is specifically designed to allow the installation of Shimano cranksets with a 24mm diameter thru-axle into frames equipped with a T47 shell. It ensures a secure and precise fit for Shimano cranks, including popular models used in road and mountain biking.

Frame Compatibility

The T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm) is compatible with frames that have an 86mm wide shell designed for T47 bottom brackets. It is also compatible with TREK T47 frames with an 85.5mm shell width.

Threaded Interface

The threaded interface offers the advantage of easy installation and removal, making maintenance and service more straightforward compared to press-fit bottom brackets.

Custom Bike Applications

T47 bottom brackets are commonly used in custom bike builds, providing frame manufacturers and cyclists with a reliable and versatile bottom bracket solution.

Durable Construction

Tripeak is known for producing durable and high-quality bike components. This bottom bracket is built to withstand the demands of cycling, ensuring longevity and performance.

Peace of Mind

The threaded design offers peace of mind for cyclists who prefer the reliability of threaded bottom brackets while benefiting from the versatility of T47 compatibility.


T47 bottom brackets are often used in custom bike projects, allowing cyclists to create unique and tailored bicycles to their specifications.


Specifications of Tripeak T47 Bottom Bracket Shimano (86mm)

Spindle Interface Type  Hollowtech II (24 mm Dia)
Application Road, Triathlon & Time Trial
Type T47
Finish Aluminium 6061-T6 CNC machined
BB Shell Dia 47 mm
Shell Width 85.5/86/86.5 mm
Bearings Steel
Itemcode EMA-T478624-SHSBBR
BB Colour Black
Weight 108 gm
Size T47(Threaded) - 86 mm
Made in  Taiwan

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