Steadfast Carborance Endurance

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The Carbohydrates For Endurance is a blend of simple and complex carbs along with essential electrolytes, designed especially for endurance athletes who are involved in more than 2 hours of intense activities. Mix Carborance with water to meet the calorie and fluid balance requirements. No matter how pre-eminent or lengthy your race is each serving becomes your constant companion that assures to provide your body with gradual energy for high-intensity and prolonged activities. Additionally an easy to digest formula that gives one the necessary results after consumption.

  • A composition of simple and complex carbs for steady energy release
  • Provides sustained energy release during high-intensity activities of 2+ hours
  • Contributes in an athlete’s optimum level performance
  • Eliminates muscle fatigue and cramps caused due to loss of glycogen

How does Carborance work? The important ingredients of the product and how their presence adds to its benefits:

1.Maltodextrin: - 

This complex carbohydrate has 6 to 10 glucose units working to provide gradual energy. The mild sweetness as well as ease of digestion and absorption through the gut makes it an important ingredient of CARBORANCE. It helps sustain the energy levels especially during endurance training with fewer chances of insulin drops.

2.Pregelatinized Corn Starch: - 

This ingredient acts as a source of energy by contributing a steady flow of glucose for prolonged activities. Also gluten-free and low insodium this makes the chances of allergies and rise in blood pressure get eliminated.

3.Sucrose: - 

Sucrose made from the molecular bonds between glucose and fructose that tend to breakdown to provide slow energy.Unlike the abdominal discomfort caused during direct glucose ingestion. Sucrose reduces this experience.

4.Fructose: - 

Like Maltodextrin gives a sweet taste but is comparatively low in glycemic index giving a slow and steady release of energy for working of muscles.

5.Sodium Chloride: - 

To revive the essential fluid lost in the form of sweat. Sodium Chloride in CARBORANCE is for optimal rehydration. One cannot afford to get dehydrated post-workout or during a competition, which is why the ingredient is added to keep athletes at bay from headaches, lethargy, loss of concentration and more.

How to take Carborance?

The process to prepare CARBORANCE is hassle free and super easy. It is as simple as drinking a glass of water in a shaker. 

Add 1 Sachet (62.5g) of CARBORANCE and shake well for approx 10 to 20 seconds.

Top off with water to make 750 ml and shake again.

Athletes undergoing maximum physical exertion can take 1 serving per hour.