Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed | The Bike Affair
Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed | The Bike Affair
Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed | The Bike Affair
Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed | The Bike Affair
Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed | The Bike Affair

Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed


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Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed

Shimano GRX - Rear Derailleur - Shimano Shadow RD+ - 34T max low sprocket - 11-speed

Silent and Reliable Shifting: The Shimano GRX RD-RX810 rear derailleur delivers silent and uninterrupted shifting even on rough terrain. Its integrated chain stabilizer mechanism prevents chain slapping and drops, providing a secure and precise shifting experience, no matter the conditions.

Shimano Shadow RD+ Technology: Equipped with Shimano Shadow RD+ technology, this rear derailleur offers smooth and reliable shifting on mixed surfaces. The combination of the clutch mechanism and toggle switch allows you to adjust the chain stabilizer tension to match the terrain, providing optimal chain retention and minimizing chain slap.

Gravel-Tuned Clutch Tension: The RD-RX810 rear derailleur is specially tuned for gravel riding with its gravel-tuned clutch tension. This ensures a secure chain position and minimizes chain bounce, even during aggressive riding or over rough surfaces, giving you confidence and control.

Compatible and Versatile: The RD-RX810 rear derailleur is compatible with current road Dual Control Levers, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. It has a maximum front difference of 17T and is designed for use with road cassettes with a maximum low sprocket of 34T and a minimum low sprocket of 30T. With a total capacity of 40T, it offers versatility in gear combinations.


Features of Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed

Silent and Uninterrupted Rear Shifting on Rough Terrain: It ensures quiet and uninterrupted shifting even on rough and challenging gravel terrains. Experience smooth gear transitions without distractions.

Adjustable Chain Stabilizer for Enhanced Chain Retention: Reducing the risk of chain drops on bumpy surfaces. Enjoy a secure and stable chain position throughout your ride.

Shimano Shadow RD+ Technology for Smooth and Reliable Shifting: Providing a stable and consistent shifting performance. The Shadow design minimizes chain slap and reduces the chance of damage from rocks and debris.

Toggle Clutch On/Off Switch to Match the Terrain: Allowing you to adjust the clutch tension according to the terrain. Engage the clutch for added chain security on rough terrain and disengage it for smoother riding conditions.

Gravel-Tuned Clutch Tension for Secure Chain Position: Keeping the chain firmly in place during off-road adventures, providing peace of mind and preventing chain drops.

Compatible with Current Road Dual Control Levers: Making it a versatile choice for riders using modern road drivetrains.

Maximum Front Difference: 17T: Offering flexibility in gear ratios for various riding conditions.

Maximum Low Sprocket: 34T, Minimum Low Sprocket: 30T: The RD-RX810 can accommodate a maximum low sprocket size of 34 teeth and a minimum low sprocket size of 30 teeth, catering to a wide range of gearing preferences.

Total Capacity: 40T: It can handle the difference between the largest front chainring and the largest rear sprocket, providing smooth and efficient gear shifting.


    Specifications of Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed

    Model No  RD-RX810
    Series GRX 11-speed
    Color Series Color
    Average Weight 255
    Rear Speeds 11
    Compatible Chain Linkglide, HG 11-speed
    Top-Normal Spring Type|Shimano Shadow RD+ Yes
    Mount|Direct Attachment (Conventional) Yes
    Mount|Direct Mount Yes
    Cable Adjuster Yes
    Max. Front Difference 17T
    Total Capacity 40T
    Low Sprocket|Max. 34T
    Low Sprocket|Min. 30T
    Top Sprocket|Max. 11T
    Top Sprocket|Min. 11T
    Fluoric Coated Link Bushings 4
    Pulley|G Pulley Bearing Yes
    Pulley|T Pulley Bearing Yes
    Pulley|Teeth 13T
    Pulley|Sunken Type Pulley Bolt Yes
    B-Axle|Hollow Axle Yes

    Technologies of Shimano GRX Rear Derailleur RD-RX810 11 Speed

    SIS Shimano Index System:

    SIS Rear Index Shifting System: The system constituents such as the index mechanism built in the shifter, the frictionless SIS rear index shifting cable and the smooth action rear derailleur realize the Shimano Index System.

    Shimano Shadow RD+:

    Less distraction quiet drive train

    Rear derailleur stabilizer reduces chain slap

    Simple solution for chain drop

    Lighter and more efficient than roller type chain device

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