NiteRider Vmax+ 150 Rearlight


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Vmax+ 150 Rearlight: Illuminate Your Ride

Experience optimal visibility and safety with the NiteRider Vmax+ 150 Rearlight. Designed to keep you visible on the roadways, this compact taillight packs a punch with its efficient Circuit-On-Board (COB) LEDs. Get ready for eye-catching flash patterns and enhanced visibility during your rides.

COB LEDs for Maximum Lumen Density

The Vmax+ 150 sets itself apart with highly efficient Circuit-On-Board (COB) LEDs. These advanced LEDs improve lumen density, ensuring a powerful and attention-grabbing output. Whether you're cycling during the day or night, the Vmax+ 150 ensures you're seen by motorists and other road users.

Compact and Wearable Safety Light

As NiteRider's first taillight featuring COB LEDs, the Vmax+ 150 offers a smaller and more compact design. This feather-like light weight makes it the perfect choice for a wearable safety light. You can easily clip it onto your cycling gear, such as straps, belt loops, and more. With its portable design, you'll always have a reliable safety companion wherever you go.

Versatile Flash Patterns for Enhanced Visibility

The Vmax+ 150 is all about visibility. With its COB LEDs, it emits highly visible flash patterns that make you stand out on the roadways. Whether you're commuting, training, or riding for leisure, this taillight ensures that you're noticed by others, promoting a safer cycling experience.

Embrace Safety with NiteRider

Invest in your safety with the NiteRider Vmax+ 150 Rearlight. This compact and efficient taillight combines innovative COB technology with a lightweight and wearable design. Say goodbye to bulky lights and hello to maximum visibility in a smaller package.


Specifications of NiteRider Vmax+ 150 Rearlight

  • Lumen Output: 150
  • 6 Modes with Run Times: 5:00-27:00h
  • Charge Time: 2:00h
  • Weight: 59g
  • Water / Dust Resistant IP64 Rated
  • USB-C Rechargeable

Run Times* of NiteRider Vmax+ 150 Rearlight

  • Fast Flash - 11:30h
  • Slow Flash - 9:30h
  • Disco Flash - 9:45h
  • Pulse Flash - 6:00h
  • High Steady - 4:30h
  • Low Steady - 25:30h

*Run time specifications may vary

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