Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit | The Bike Affair
Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit | The Bike Affair
Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit | The Bike Affair
Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit | The Bike Affair

Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit


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Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit: Secure and Versatile Mounting Solution

Ensure your Lezyne GPS Unit stays securely in place with the Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit. This kit, included as standard with every Lezyne GPS Unit, is designed to provide a reliable and versatile mounting solution for your cycling computer. Explore the features that make this O-Ring Mount Kit an essential accessory for Lezyne GPS users.

Complete Mounting Kit:

The Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit is a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for secure and flexible mounting. With two sets of O-rings for different diameters, a backup O-ring in each size, a rubber shim, and an X-Lock composite mounting bracket, Lezyne ensures you have all the components required for a robust and reliable mount.

Dual O-Ring Options:

Customize the fit of your GPS Unit with the two sets of O-rings provided in the kit. This thoughtful inclusion allows you to choose the O-ring set that matches the diameter of your handlebars or preferred mounting location. Having options ensures a snug fit, reducing the risk of slippage during your rides.

Rubber Shim for Extra Support:

Lezyne goes the extra mile by including a rubber shim in the kit. This shim is designed to support the X-Lock mount, providing additional stability for your GPS Unit. The rubber shim enhances the overall security of the mounting system, keeping your device firmly in place, even on rough terrain.

X-Lock Composite Mounting Bracket:

The star of the Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit is the X-Lock composite mounting bracket. Engineered for versatility, this bracket allows you to attach the GPS computer at any 90┬░ angle while ensuring the device remains correctly oriented. The X-Lock mount simplifies the installation process, making it easy to secure your GPS Unit with a simple press and rotate motion.

Secure and Easy Installation:

Mounting your Lezyne GPS Unit is a breeze with the Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit. The X-Lock mount system, supported by the included rubber shim, offers a secure fit that withstands vibrations and shocks. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your GPS Unit is securely mounted and ready for your cycling adventures.


Specifications of Lezyne GPS O-Ring Mount Kit

Dimensions  50 mm, 50 mm, 16 mm
Weight 9.2 g
Compatible with Most bikes and handlebars
Country of Origin Taiwan

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