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Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Shoe - Threaded Holder


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Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Shoe - Threaded Holder

Precision Braking Customization: Experience a new level of braking precision with the Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Shoe, featuring a threaded holder that empowers riders to tailor the positioning of friction materials to their exact preferences. This innovative design, combined with advanced features, delivers unparalleled braking control and performance.

Customizable Friction Positioning: The Tectonic brake pad introduces a forged alloy holder that revolutionizes braking customization. Adjust the positioning of the friction materials to achieve your desired braking experience. With the ability to fine-tune the setup, you can optimize your brake performance for different riding conditions and preferences.

Secure Interlocking Design: Enjoy enhanced stability and reliability with the interlocking design of the friction inserts. These inserts securely fit into the holder from all sides, preventing any unwanted movement and ensuring consistent braking efficiency.

Advanced Pad-Lock™ Washer System: The Pad-Lock™ washer system has been elevated with the integration of convex pivot adjustment into the backing plate. This innovation reduces the number of washers required to achieve spacing requirements, streamlining the setup process and enhancing ease of use.

Versatile Friction Compound: The Tectonic pads arrive with a multi-friction compound setup, delivering a balanced blend of braking performance. However, the flexibility doesn't stop there. Configure your brake system with single or dual compounds to match your specific riding needs and style.


Features of Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Shoe - Threaded Holder

Aluminum Holder: It provides a lightweight yet durable foundation for your brake setup. This alloy holder ensures stability and responsiveness, contributing to consistent braking performance.

Integrated Pad-Lock™ Hardware: This smart design incorporates the hardware into the backing plate, simplifying installation and reducing the chances of loose components.

Secured End Cap: It ensures that your brake pads stay in place, offering a secure and reliable fit that minimizes any unwanted movement during your rides.

Interchangeable Compounds: Experiment with different friction materials to find the perfect setup for your riding style and conditions.

Offset Post: The Offset Post enhances the compatibility of these brake shoes with a variety of setups, ensuring a proper fit on your bicycle.

Water Grooves: Designed with Water Grooves, these brake shoes maintain consistent performance even in wet conditions, channeling away water for reliable braking power.

Available in Threaded and Cantilever (Smooth Post): Choose the brake shoe style that suits your bike setup, with options available in both Threaded and Cantilever (smooth post) designs.

Specifications of Kool-Stop Tectonic Brake Shoe - Threaded Holder

Weight Per Pair 50.8 grams
Overall Length 73.3 mm
Pad Contact Width 9.5 mm

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