Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer | The Bike Affair
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer | The Bike Affair
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer | The Bike Affair
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer | The Bike Affair
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer | The Bike Affair
Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer | The Bike Affair

Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle Cyclo-Computer


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Explore the World and Your Limits with Edge 1030 Plus

Never stop cycling with the ultimate GPS cycling computer. The Edge 1030 Plus is designed to accompany you on any ride, from remote gravel trails to epic climbs. With its advanced features and seamless connectivity, this bike computer will revolutionize your cycling experience.

Sync Workouts and Get Personalized Coaching

Stay on top of your training with ease. The Edge 1030 Plus allows you to effortlessly sync indoor or outdoor workouts directly to your device. Plus, it goes the extra mile by suggesting rides and workouts based on your current training load. Let Edge be your personal coach, guiding you towards optimal performance.

Stay on Track, Stay in Touch

No matter how far you ride, the Edge 1030 Plus has got your back. It not only shows you the way back to the start but also keeps you connected. With inReach® compatibility, you can stay in touch even in remote areas. Receive texts and access your favorite cycling apps right on this connected bike computer.

Ride Farther, Charge Less

With a remarkable battery life of up to 24 hours, the Edge 1030 Plus ensures you can ride longer without worrying about running out of power. Say goodbye to frequent recharges and enjoy uninterrupted cycling adventures.

Peak Performance Monitoring

Gain valuable insights into your body's response to training with dynamic performance monitoring. Track metrics like VO2 max, recovery time, training load, and training focus. Stay on top of your progress and optimize your training routine for better results.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Evaluate the effectiveness of your training effortlessly. The Edge 1030 Plus automatically analyzes your exercise history and performance indicators to determine if you're training productively, peaking, or overreaching. Make informed decisions about your training regimen.

Tailored Workouts for Maximum Impact

Receive daily suggested workouts based on your current training load and VO2 max. These personalized suggestions take into account your fitness level and ensure that your training aligns with your goals. Get the most out of every ride.

Seamless Training Plan Syncing

Access indoor and outdoor training plans effortlessly. Use the Garmin Connect™ app or sync seamlessly with other apps like TrainingPeaks® and TrainerRoad. Take control of your training and achieve your desired results.

Prepare for Any Environment

Conquer any environment with confidence. The Edge 1030 Plus offers heat and altitude acclimation features, allowing you to gauge how your body adapts in different conditions. Stay prepared and perform your best under any circumstances.

Advanced Metrics for Performance Optimization

Unlock the power of advanced cycling metrics designed to enhance your performance. Gain insights into how your performance changes based on various conditions like position, bike setup, and ride duration. Optimize your technique and achieve new personal bests.

Track Your MTB Adventures

For mountain biking enthusiasts, the Edge 1030 Plus introduces new metrics specifically tailored to the sport. Keep track of jump count, jump distance, and hang time. Dive into the epic details of every ride and challenge yourself to new heights.

Grit and Flow: Measure Your Skills

Grit and Flow metrics provide a comprehensive assessment of your ride. Grit rates the difficulty of a ride based on GPS, elevation, and other data. Flow measures your smoothness while descending a trail, giving you a score to beat on your next ride.

Extended Battery Life for Endless Adventures

The Edge 1030 Plus boasts an impressive battery life of up to 24 hours, even under demanding usage. For those long rides or multi-day trips, you can double the battery life with the optional Garmin Chargeâ„¢ battery pack. Never let a low battery hold you back.

Discover More Than Just Routes

Enjoy ride-specific mapping tailored to your needs. Whether you're on the road, tackling gravel, or exploring mountain trails, the Edge 1030 Plus provides key map information to enhance your ride. Easily find bike-friendly routes and navigate with confidence.

Always Find Your Way Back

Feel free to explore off-course with confidence. The Edge 1030 Plus allows you to pause route guidance and off-course notifications, giving you the freedom to explore new routes. When you're ready to get back on track, this smart device will guide you seamlessly.

Ride with Confidence with Garmin Cycle Map

Take advantage of preloaded maps that offer wider coverage than ever before. With worldwide MTB trail data from Trailforks, elevation information, points of interest, and searchable addresses, the Garmin Cycle Map ensures you have the best ride experience.

Trailforks App for Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

Import planned routes directly to the preloaded Trailforks app on your Edge 1030 Plus. Benefit from route recommendations that consider trail conditions and your ability, ensuring you have an incredible time on the trails.

Stay Informed with Forksight Mode

When using the Trailforks app, the Forksight mode automatically displays upcoming forks on the trail. It provides valuable context by showing your location within a trail network, allowing you to navigate tricky intersections with ease.

Never Miss a Turn

Say goodbye to getting lost. The Edge 1030 Plus provides turn-by-turn directions and alerts, ensuring you stay on the right path. Focus on your ride, and let your bike computer keep you on track.

Always Find Your Way Back to the Start

Even if you deviate from your route or decide to head home early, the Edge 1030 Plus is smart enough to guide you back to where your route started. Never worry about losing your way again.

Efficient Route Calculation

Save time and ride more. The Edge 1030 Plus calculates routes faster, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love - riding. Routes are cached, minimizing waiting time and maximizing your cycling enjoyment.

Discover the Best Routes with Trendlineâ„¢ Popularity Routing

Leveraging the billions of miles of ride data uploaded by cyclists, the Edge 1030 Plus can find the best routes based on popularity. Choose from the most traveled roads and trails, ensuring an optimal cycling experience.

Create Limitless Courses

Never run out of places to ride. Create courses using the Garmin Connect app or plan them on platforms like Strava and Komoot. Sync your routes seamlessly to your Edge 1030 Plus, and embark on new adventures.

Prioritize Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Edge 1030 Plus offers features to keep you protected on the road.

Stay Connected Anywhere with inReach® Compatibility

Pair your Edge with an inReach® device and stay connected wherever you ride. View and reply to messages, share trip data, and trigger interactive SOS alerts with an inReach subscription.

Enhance Visibility with Variaâ„¢ Compatibility

Pair the Edge 1030 Plus with Varia rearview radar and lights for increased visibility on the road. Be seen and ride with confidence, knowing you have advanced safety features at your disposal.

Instant Incident Detection and Bike Alarm

This Edge device automatically sends your location to preloaded emergency contacts if it detects an incident. Keep yourself protected during your rides. Additionally, the PIN-protected bike alarm notifies you on your smartphone if your bike is moved while you're away.

Stay Connected with Your Riding Crew

Don't let separations ruin the fun. Stay in touch with your riding crew using group messaging features. Keep everyone informed and connected during your cycling adventures.

Track Your Riding Companions with GroupTrack

Keep an eye on your riding companions, even when they fall out of sight. GroupTrack allows you to monitor up to 50 of your friends simultaneously. Stay connected and ensure nobody gets left behind.

Share Your Location with Livetrack

Use Livetrack to share your real-time location with friends and family. They can follow your ride and view your entire preplanned course. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved ones are aware of your whereabouts.

Seamless Connectivity and Notifications

Receive texts and alerts directly on your Edge 1030 Plus when paired with a compatible smartphone. Stay connected while keeping your focus on the road ahead.

Sync with Garmin Connect and Join the Community

Join the thriving online community on the Garmin Connect app. Connect, compete, and share your triumphs with fellow cyclists. Make the most of your cycling journey with social interaction and motivation.

Customize with Connect IQâ„¢

Download custom data fields from the Connect IQ Store to personalize your Edge 1030 Plus. See more of your vital stats at a glance and tailor your device to your preferences.

Compatible with Smart Trainers and eBike Systems

Pair your Edge 1030 Plus with Tacx® indoor trainers for a flexible training experience. Ride whenever and wherever you want.

View dedicated eBike status screens, data fields, and support for system status and warning messages with SHIMANO STEPS eBike System compatibility. Monitor your assist level, gear position, battery life, and more during your rides.

Effortless Setup and App Integration

Save time configuring settings and get ready to ride faster. The Edge 1030 Plus provides prepopulated custom ride profiles based on your previous Edge device, ride types, or sensors. Set up your device quickly and get on the road.

Works with Your Favorite Apps

Enjoy compatibility with a wide range of training and mapping platforms. Seamlessly integrate with Strava, Komoot, TrainingPeaks, and many more. Ride your way, using the apps you prefer.

Upgrade your cycling experience with the Edge 1030 Plus GPS cycling computer. Sync workouts, receive personalized coaching, navigate effortlessly, and stay connected on every ride. Shop now and unlock your cycling potential!


Specification of Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle

 In-Ride Power Compatible (Power Mount and Garmin Charge Battery Pack) Yes
Dimesnsion 2.3" x 4.5" x 0.8" (58 x 114 x 19 mm)
Touchscreen Yes
Color Display Yes
Display size 3.5" (88.9 mm) diagonal
Display Resolution 282 x 470 pixels
Weight 4.4 oz (124 g)
Water rating IPX7
Battery Type rechargeable lithium-ion
Battery life 24 hours
Battery Save mode Yes
In the box

Box contents of Garmin Edge 1030 Plus Bundle

  • Edge 1030 Plus
  • HRM-Dualâ„¢
  • Cadence sensor
  • Speed sensor
  • Mounts (standard and flush out-front)
  • USB cable
  • Tether
  • Manuals

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