Fast&Up Fastdry Women Tank Top

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Unmatched Comfort for Unstoppable Performance

The Fast&Up Fastdry Women's Tank Top is here to redefine your athletic experience. Say goodbye to discomfort, sweat problems, and bulky gears. With advanced quick-dry technology, this tank top absorbs sweat instantly, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your game, workout, or training session.

Experience the Ultimate Comfort

Bid farewell to the annoyance of fabric sticking to your body during intense moments. Fast&Up's innovative quick-dry technology ensures rapid sweat absorption, leaving you feeling fresh and confident.

A Second Skin Sensation

Forget about itchy and bulky fabrics. The Fast&Up Fastdry Women's Tank Top is crafted from a lightweight fabric that feels like a second skin. This ensures optimal mobility, allowing you to perform with precision and agility.

No More Sweat Odor Worries

Say no to sweat odor spoiling your performance. The tank top is equipped with an anti-microbial finish that fights against unpleasant odors. Enjoy extended sessions of play, workout, or training without worrying about sweat odor.

Your Perfect Fit for Fitness Goals

Fast&Up understands the importance of comfort for achieving your fitness goals. The ergonomic design of the Fastdry Women's Tank Top ensures easy mobility, no matter the intensity of your movement.

Stay Visible, Stay Stylish

Enhance your visibility during night matches or low-light training with reflective tapes on the sides and shoulders. Your safety and style are both taken care of.

Durability Meets Style

The Fast&Up Fastdry Women's Tank Top is made from 100% polyester that remains wrinkle-free even after repeated washes and drying cycles. Quality and durability are built into every thread.

Unleash Your Potential

Elevate your performance with the Fast&Up Fastdry Women's Tank Top. It's more than just a gear; it's a partner in achieving your fitness and sports goals.


Features of Fast&Up Fastdry Women Tank Top

  • Made with quick dry technology
  • Super light, breathable fabric Anti microbial finish for no odour
  • Designed Ergonomically for comfort
  • Smart reflective tapes for workouts or performance in low lighting
  • Made with 100% polyester for 100% durability & 0 wrinkles¬†

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