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Enduro ABEC-5 A/C Hub Bearing 25x37x7

B 71805-LLB-BAG

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ABEC-5 Angular Contact Bearing

Optimal Load Distribution: The Enduro 25x37x7 ABEC-5 A/C Bearing is designed specifically for hubs, featuring Angular Contact (A/C) cartridge bearings. Unlike standard radial bearings, these bearings ensure that all balls are engaged and spread the force over a larger surface area. This results in decreased friction, minimized wear, and improved load distribution during your rides.

Stable and Precise Wheel: By spreading the force evenly, this A/C bearing minimizes wheel play, providing a more stable wheel. This stability not only enhances your riding experience but also makes it easier to adjust disc brakes while the wheel spins freely.

Premium Construction: The Enduro ABEC-5 A/C Bearing is built to deliver exceptional performance and durability. It features Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls, meticulously crafted to be within 5/1,000,000" roundness. With a hardness rating of R-64, these balls offer high precision and long-lasting quality.

High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races: The 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy Races used in this bearing undergo a vacuum de-gassed process, ensuring the purest chromium alloy steel. Hardened to R-62, these races exhibit exceptional toughness and durability. The mirror-finish polishing further enhances their precision, providing ABEC-5 accuracy and noiseless movement.

Frictionless Ball Retainers: The Enduro ABEC-5 A/C Bearing features Graphite/Nylon ball retainers that offer virtual frictionlessness. These retainers provide constant lubrication, reducing friction and ensuring smooth operation throughout your rides.

ABEC-5 Standard: This bearing meets the stringent ABEC-5 standard, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure superior performance. It excels in noise testing at high RPM, maintains extremely close tolerances for I.D. and O.D., exhibits exceptional roundness of ball, showcases trueness of the races, and boasts micro surface finishes of balls and races.


Specifications of Enduro ABEC-5 A/C Hub Bearing

 Inner Diameter 25 mm
Outer Diameter 37 mm
Wdth 7 mm
Static Load 647lbf / 2.87kN
Weight 19.2 g

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