Cateye Small Parts Rubber Base For Aero Seatpost | The Bike Affair
Cateye Small Parts Rubber Base For Aero Seatpost | The Bike Affair

Cateye Small Parts Rubber Base For Aero Seatpost


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Cateye Small Parts Rubber Base For Aero Seatpost

The Cateye Rubber Base is a key accessory designed to enhance the stability and flexibility of various Cateye products, including lights and cyclocomputers. This durable rubber base is crafted to ensure a secure fit and vibration dampening, allowing for a smoother operation and extended product life.

Enhanced Stability for Your Devices
Crafted from high-quality rubber, the Cateye Rubber Base provides a solid foundation for your Cateye devices. Its main function is to offer enhanced stability, ensuring that your devices remain securely attached to your bike, even on rough terrains. This stability is crucial for maintaining the accuracy of data from cyclocomputers and the optimal illumination from bike lights.

Vibration Dampening for a Smoother Ride
One of the key benefits of the Cateye Rubber Base is its ability to absorb vibrations, leading to a smoother ride and more reliable performance from your devices. This dampening effect is especially important for delicate electronics, helping to protect them from the jarring impacts of cycling on uneven surfaces.

Versatile Compatibility
The Cateye Rubber Base is designed with versatility in mind, fitting a wide range of handlebar and stem sizes. This universal compatibility ensures that cyclists can easily integrate Cateye products into their setup, regardless of the bike model or make.

Easy Installation
Installation of the Cateye Rubber Base is straightforward, requiring no special tools. This ease of setup means you can quickly mount or switch your Cateye devices between bikes, making it an ideal solution for cyclists who use multiple bikes or share accessories among different setups.

Durable and Long-lasting
Durability is a hallmark of Cateye products, and the Rubber Base is no exception. Designed to withstand the elements and the rigors of daily cycling, this rubber base is an investment in the longevity of your Cateye devices.

In summary, the Cateye Rubber Base is an essential accessory for any cyclist using Cateye lights or cyclocomputers. It provides the stability, vibration dampening, and versatility needed to enhance your cycling experience, protect your devices, and ensure their reliable performance ride after ride.


Features of Cateye Rubber Base

  • Banish the night
  • From the morning coffee run to the 24 hour adventure race
  • CatEye is the industry leader in light technology
  • Compatible with Rapid X3 / X2 Kinetic / X.
    (Rubber Band included)

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