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Cateye Bluetooth ISC-12 Speed/Cadence Sensor


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Enhance your cycling experience with the Cateye Bluetooth ISC-12 Speed/Cadence Sensor

This advanced sensor connects wirelessly to your smartphone through the CatEye Cycling App, offering a range of features to elevate your ride.

Smartphone Integration:

The ISC-12 Speed/Cadence Sensor seamlessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to track and record your ride data using the CatEye Cycling App. Keep your phone safely tucked away while the sensor captures accurate speed and cadence information.

Mirror Mode:

In Mirror mode, the smartphone acts as a central hub, recording ride data and transmitting it to the Strada Smart computer. This mode also displays phone call and email alerts, ensuring you stay connected while keeping your phone in sleep mode to conserve battery life. The ISC-12 sensor is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate, and Power sensors, providing comprehensive ride data analysis.

Sensor Direct Mode:

When smartphone use is not possible or desired, Sensor Direct mode comes to the rescue. In this mode, the ISC-12 sensor syncs directly with Bluetooth Smart Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate, and Power sensors, ensuring that important ride data is always accessible. Sensor Direct mode serves as a reliable backup option for capturing and analyzing ride information.

Broad Compatibility:

The ISC-12 Speed/Cadence Sensor is compatible with the Strada Smart computer and a range of Bluetooth Smart cycle computers, devices, and fitness/training smartphone apps. Whether you prefer using a dedicated cycling computer or your favorite smartphone app, this sensor seamlessly integrates with various platforms.

Enjoy the convenience and versatility of the Cateye Bluetooth ISC-12 Speed/Cadence Sensor. With its wireless connectivity and compatibility with the CatEye Cycling App and other Bluetooth Smart devices, this sensor provides accurate and comprehensive ride data for a more informed and enjoyable cycling experience.

Compatible Devices

Devices compatible with Cateye Bluetooth ISC-12 Speed/Cadence Sensor

  • Padrone Digital Double CC-PA400B
  • Padrone Smart + CC-SC100B
  • Padrone Smart CC-PA500B
  • Strada Smart CC-RD500B

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