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Ashima Carbon Brake Shoes Road ARS75CR-P-H-PCAC


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Upgrade Your Carbon Rim Braking Performance with Ashima Carbon Brake Shoes Road

Introducing Ashima Carbon Brake Shoes Road, the perfect solution to enhance your braking power and control on carbon rims. Engineered with high-quality materials and advanced features, these brake shoes provide exceptional performance, compatibility, and durability for an optimal road cycling experience.

High-End Aluminum-Pad Holder Cartridge Brake Shoes Set

The Ashima Carbon Brake Shoes Road come as a set of high-end aluminum-pad holder cartridge brake shoes. This design ensures precise pad alignment and easy installation, allowing for quick and hassle-free maintenance. Experience improved braking modulation and control with these high-quality brake shoes.

Compatible with Shimano Standard Mount

Designed to be compatible with Shimano Standard Mount systems, these brake shoes offer a perfect fit for your Shimano road bike. Enjoy seamless integration and reliable performance with the confidence that your braking system is optimized for your carbon rims. Take your cycling to new heights with superior stopping power.

Silver Anodized Finish for Durability and Style

Featuring a silver anodized finish, the Ashima Carbon Brake Shoes Road not only provide durability but also add a touch of style to your road bike. The sleek and polished appearance complements the aesthetics of your carbon rims, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your bike.

54mm Replacement Brake Pads for Carbon Rims

Included with these brake shoes are 54mm replacement brake pads specifically designed for carbon rims. These pads deliver optimal braking performance on carbon surfaces, providing consistent and reliable stopping power in various weather conditions. Ride with confidence knowing you have the right pads for your carbon rims.


Features of Ashima Carbon Brake Shoes Road

  • High-end aluminum-pad holder cartridge brake shoes set
  • Compatible with Shimano Standard Mount
  • Silver anodized finish for durability and style
  • 54mm replacement brake pads for carbon rims
  • Enhance braking modulation and control on carbon surfaces
  • Designed for optimal performance in all weather conditions

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