About The Event

Date : 11th Dec 2022 / 4pm IST

Flats happen. They are an everyday facet of life that everyone with a bike has to deal with. There’s nothing more foundational in bike maintenance than fixing flats. Learning how to fix your own flats will save you time and money, get you back on your bike more quickly, and help you to understand your bike and how it works.

After this session, you will be able to:
Understand the types of flats and ways to prevent them.
Dismount and install the front and the rear wheels properly
Fix a flat (detecting punctures, patching them up )
Change a tube.

Things to bring for the session:
Tyre Levers ( mandatory)
Patch Kit ( mandatory. Includes patch kit, sand paper)
Pump ( advisable)

You will be provided with tubes having flats on which you will practise

The number of registrations is capped at 10 and is first come first serve.