Back in 2008, Krish and I (Gokul) were colleagues in a software company. Tea, sweets, and table tennis filled up the gaps between creating a magnificent ERP system. Then it happened; we got bitten by the cycling bug. Weekdays were about commuting to work, weekends were about eagerly waiting for long rides. But in spite of all the joy, it was a struggle because of the lack of a good ecosystem and professional bike shops.  That is when we decided to start a bike shop to ensure we and others could enjoy this beautiful activity.  

In Aug 2009, we started operating from a friend's apartment. The month after, we moved to a new location - an unused cement godown in Kondapur. The initial years were a stark contrast to our air conditioned software offices. For the first one year, we ran the store part time, juggling the bike shop with our software jobs. Eventually in 2010, we quit our jobs and started running TBA full time.

Over the last decade, the team has grown bigger. The store has earned the name as a trusted store offering quality service to customers. In addition to selling and servicing bicycles, TBA now also offers Coaching, Bike Fit and Bicycle Tours.

Current openings

Bike Shop Executive, TBA

Role: To understand client's requirement and assist him/her on the shop floor

You should be someone passionate about cycling, and excited to take up cycling as a career. Although your primary responsibility is guiding a customer on the shop floor, your roles won't be restricted only to that. We will be looking up to you to help us plan orders with our suppliers, manage store inventory, and lead rides.

Experience: Bike shop experience is useful, but not mandatory.

Store Manager, RUSWIC

Role: To lead Sales and operations of the RUSWIC store

Should be driving a new sports store (estalished Sep 2021), foused on running. Its important that you are a runner. You will contribute to strategies to improve walkins and conversions. Engaging with the community and leading events is part of the role.

Experience: 2 year work experience in a sports set up is desired, but not mandatory

Website Manager, TBA

Role: To design and manage the e-commerce portal

You should be a skilled web developer responsible for designing, maintaining and updating website for our company which runs on Shopify. The first part of the portal is its link to the bike shop, the information about all the products and services the bike shop offers, the blogs, etc. The other part is e-commerce - Cataloging products and stock synchronization. Exposure to digital marketing would be an important plus.

Experience: Experience as E-Comm developer minimum of 2+ years

Bike Tech, TBA

Role: Repair and maintain bikes

A well maintained bike is key to an enjoyable ride. You will be part of our team of highly skilled and reputed technicians, responsbile for repairing and maintaining bicycles belonging to our shop cients . You should be able to uphold our reputation for excellence, professionalism and fairness in the workplace – whilst offering each and every customer outstanding service.

Experience: 2 years experience in bicycle industry or otherwise

If you think you are right person for any of the above role, do send your resume to mentioning the role you would like to apply.

Do note that all the postions are open in Hyderabad, India.