Steadfast Warmax Protein
Steadfast Warmax Protein
Steadfast Warmax Protein
Steadfast Warmax Protein
Steadfast Warmax Protein
Steadfast Warmax Protein
Steadfast Warmax Protein

Steadfast Warmax Protein

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Warmax protein provides you with the maximum performance benefit by the action of ultra-fast releasing protein coming from whey isolate and hydrolysate, with added benefits of L-arginine, L-Carnitine, Rosehip extract and digestive enzymes. It is specifically designed to enhance muscular performance and stamina in competitive body builders either involved in ultra-strength training such as body building, powerlifting or deadlifts. Therefore, Warmax protein helps speed up post weight lifting recovery time, reduces oxidative stress, muscle soreness and promotes instant muscular recovery.

Warmax whey protein provides:

Whey protein (Isolate & Hydrolysate): 32 g

Essential Amino Acids: 14.8 g

Branched Chain Amino Acids: 7.1 g

Special Ingredients

L-Carnitine : 500 mg

L-Arginine : 600 mg

Rose Hip extract

Digestive enzyme

Protein is needed for overall muscle recovery. Its requirement for elite strength athletes is comparatively more than endurance athletes since they demand significant amount of strength, power and enough glycogen stores to lift or pull-down hefty weights.

Whey protein isolate being the purest form of whey offers fast-absorbing amino acids, while whey hydrolysate offers fastest and highly absorbable amino peptides as it is partially digested protein form. So, the blend of both seems like a clear winner- it offers instant energy coming from Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), particularly Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and also reduces muscle breakdown and increases synthesis.

Role of Special Ingredients

L-Carnitine: It helps cut down fat by oxidising fatty acids for energy and therefore burns more fat. Also, it reduces the accumulation of metabolic waste induced due to heavy weight lifting, bench press or deadlifts.

L-Arginine: It is a conditionally essential amino acid, which  works by increasing the oxygen capacity in the body. L Arginine  gets converted into nitric oxide responsible for improved blood flow, which in turn enhances oxygen supply. Hence, it helps increase exercise metabolism and therefore performance.

Rose Hip Extract: Strenuous weight lifting and resistance exercises lead to muscular stress and inflammation. Rosehip extract performs dual action of acting as an antioxidant which scavenges free radicals and anti-inflammatory action that helps reduce inflammation.

Digestive Enzymes: Protease enzyme supports better digestion of whey protein isolate.

Why Warmax Protein?

It is a nutrition supplement for optimum recovery, specifically required during the 8-12 week training session of body builders, weight lifters, powerlifters, figure and physique athletes.

The cumulative action of whey protein along with other potent ingredients, which possess strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, enhance oxygen supply, oxidise fat better for fuel, promote muscle synthesis, and reduce breakdown. This eventually helps increase muscle size and enhances shape required for building muscles. Therefore, it helps fight the war of fatigue, muscle acidosis and is intended to enhance strength, power and muscle recovery associated with muscle-building exercises.

Benefits of Warmax Protein

Fast Muscle Recovery: The presence of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) which are fast release amino acids, reduces muscle soreness and minimises recovery time by repairing muscles.

Enhances Muscle Synthesis: It improves muscle growth and synthesis- particularly leucine which is the main anabolic amino acid and  with isoleucine and valine, promotes anabolism of muscles.

Powerful Anti-oxidant: The mutual action of glutamic acid, rosehip extract and vitamin C reduces oxidative stress by fighting free radicals caused due to forced repetition of  weight lifting  to increase muscle size, enhance shape and strength.

Potent Anti-inflammatory: Rosehip extract may help reduce inflammation in strength athletes which may arise due to strenuous overuse of same muscular groups.

Improves Digestion: Although isolate and hydrolysate can be easily digested but to further amplify easy digestion, digestive enzymes are added to further support digestion and assimilation.

Maximises Muscular Strength Performance: The presence of fast-acting amino acids and arginine helps pump up your muscles and gives an edge to performance.

Shreds Fat Better: High-quality protein along with L-Carnitine helps metabolize fat for energy. It not just helps maintain lean muscle mass, but at the same time makes it easy to reduce fat mass particularly during the “cutting phase” in body builders, physique and bikini athletes.

Who can take Warmax protein?

Strength Athletes: It helps exemplify the power and strength of powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders since it contains fast-acting proteins needed to enhance their muscle size, strength and endurance.

Also, during the shredding zone of figure or physique athletes, its high protein, low carbohydrate and presence of L-Carnitine make it easy to shred fast and easily.

When to take Warmax?

It is preferred to be taken post strength training workout but can be consumed any time of the day.

During the competitive phase, two sachets can also be taken.

How to take Warmax?

Mix one sachet 40 gm in 200 ml of water in a shaker, shake well and consume.

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