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Dinamo Printed Socks: Complete Your Cycling Kit with Style and Performance

Complete your cycling kit with the stylish and performance-oriented Dinamo Printed Socks by Santini. No cycling ensemble is truly complete without matching accessories, and Santini understands the importance of a cohesive look. That's why we have created an entire accessory collection, including socks, gloves, and caps, from our 2021 men and women's color palettes. Each piece is meticulously designed to allow for mixing and matching with our jerseys, bibs, and vests, offering you endless possibilities to create your ideal cycling outfit. Complement or contrast, Santini accessories are here to complete your look for those beautiful summer rides.

Highly Breathable and Perfect Fit

The Dinamo Printed Socks are highly breathable, ensuring maximum comfort during your rides. Crafted with an elastic fabric, these socks provide a snug and secure fit. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by loose or ill-fitting socks and experience a perfect fit that stays in place throughout your ride. Focus on the road ahead with confidence and style.

Designed for Style and Performance

Not only do the Dinamo Printed Socks offer a perfect fit, but they also add a touch of style to your cycling kit. Featuring a unique print design, these socks make a statement on the road. Stand out from the crowd and express your personal flair with every pedal stroke.

Versatile Mix and Match Options

Our accessory collection, including the Dinamo Printed Socks, allows for versatile mix and match options. Coordinate or contrast with our 2021 men and women's color palettes to create a customized and cohesive look that suits your individual style. Elevate your cycling ensemble and enjoy a complete and polished appearance.

Key Features:

  • Highly breathable for optimal comfort
  • Elastic fabric for a perfect fit
  • Unique printed design for added style
  • Mix and match with our 2021 men and women's color palettes
  • Versatile socks to complete your cycling kit

Enhance your cycling kit with the Dinamo Printed Socks from Santini. Enjoy exceptional comfort, a perfect fit, and the ability to mix and match with our accessory collection. Elevate your style and conquer the road with confidence on those beautiful summer rides.

Care Instructions

How to take care of your Santini Dinamo Printed Socks

Here are a few of the secrets that we've learned over the years to keep your kit performing at its best and last longer.

- Wash it at 30°C / 86°F
- Do not use fabric conditioner
- Avoid the tumble drier
- Avoid using washing powder, favor liquid detergent
- Turn the garment inside out
- Wash similar colours together
- Wash straight away
- Do not iron