Garmin Quickfit 20mm. Watch Band


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Upgrade your watch game effortlessly with our interchangeable 20 mm wide bands. Designed for your compatible watch, these bands offer a seamless way to transform its look and feel in an instant. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of leather, the sleekness of metal, or the sporty comfort of silicone, we've got you covered.

Effortless Interchangeability: Say goodbye to complicated band changing procedures. With our innovative design, swapping bands is a breeze. Simply click and go, allowing you to effortlessly match your watch to any occasion or outfit.

Versatile Options: Choose from our collection of leather, metal, and silicone bands to suit your personal style. Opt for the classic sophistication of genuine leather for formal events or business meetings. Switch to the modern and edgy vibe of metal bands for a sleek and polished look. If you're into fitness or an active lifestyle, our silicone bands offer durability and flexibility.

Secure and Hassle-Free: We understand the importance of keeping your watch secure. Rest assured, our interchangeable bands are always reliable and snug, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout the day. No need for any tools or complicated adjustments - it's as simple as click and go.

Enhance Your Watch Experience: With our interchangeable bands, you have the freedom to customize your watch to match your mood, style, or activity. Embrace versatility and express your unique personality by effortlessly switching between different bands. Elevate your watch experience and make a statement wherever you go.

Upgrade your watch today and experience the convenience and style that our interchangeable 20 mm wide bands bring. Click, swap, and go with ease.

Compatible devices
  • D2™ Delta S
  • Descent™ Mk2S
  • fēnix® 5S
  • fēnix® 5S Plus
  • fēnix® 6S - Pro and Sapphire Editions
  • fēnix® 6S - Pro Solar Edition
  • fēnix® 6S – Standard Edition
  • fēnix® 7S – Standard Edition
  • fēnix® 7S Sapphire Solar
  • fēnix® 7S Solar
  • Instinct® 2S - Camo Edition
  • Instinct® 2S - Standard Edition
  • Instinct® 2S - Surf Edition
  • Instinct® 2S Solar
  • Instinct® 2S Solar - Surf Edition