Astr Sidewinder White
Astr Sidewinder White

Astr Sidewinder White

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White Knight. In hot pursuit, riding hard on the wind. In a world of unequals, stand out with the sidewinder.

  • The one-piece Quill stem and the Lugged-fork & Lugged-seat post clamp help in the sidewinder’s neat, stylized and classical look.
  • The classical sidewinder frame is a Pista frame hand-built in a boutique factory in Taiwan. The name is in reverence to the word Pista (track in Italian) which inspired the aggressive frame geometry in sidewinder, which helps in a more responsive ride.
  • Even the saddle; it’s a 50s-style Retro-style saddle with cross stitching.
  • Chrome-plated handle bars, cranks, wheels and pedals make for the “slick of the sidewinder”.
  • The Double-butted tubing is the sinew in the spine. Makes for lighter yet stronger cycle frames. If you were ever to cut a cross-section, you’ll see amazingly engineered tubing which is designed lighter and thinner at the least stress points and thicker at the maximum stress points.

  • The 4130 Chromoly steel was originally developed for aircraft, it has one of the highest grade of steel used in bicycles.

A Classic astr sidewinder

Astr sidewinder is born out of a need to extract every ounce of joy from cycling, where man and machine collaborate, and where the rider’s input has an impressive output on the cycle ride.

To do this we threw conventions out the window. We went back to age-old cycling and dug out the classic cycle styles to revolutionize your rides.

We’ve kept it raw so that your instincts drive the astrsidewinder.

Not for every rider

The astr sidewinder is not for everyone, but for those willing to re-learn cycling.
It demands your full consideration and a certain level of intensity. It will push you to really understand your cycling better. You will connect all the different parts; your legs, your senses and the sinewy cycle to make your rides a thrill.

The astr sidewinder cycling is serious re-learning.

- You just might discover that downhill rides could be tougher than uphill
- You will enjoy channelising human reactions; your mind & muscles to bring it to a stop without using brakes
- Since it comes without the paraphernalia, you will experience the holy grail of cycling; how fast you go is dependent on you.

    Frames - 4130 Chromoly Steel
    Front Forks - Lug
    Head Set - Aluminium cover
    Cranks - HI polish 6061 alloy. Length:165mm
    Chain wheel - 6061Alloy 42T
    EURO BB set - 68X103
    Hubs - Ball Bearings Flange72mm
    32H Spokes - Stainless
    Front Rim - alloy (700C):30mm deep 32H‧Rear Rim-alloy 700C:30mm deep32H
    Tires - 700X25C
    Chain - chrome
    Handlebar - S:60/100mmrise
    QuillStem -l ength:150mm/EXT:80
    Pedal - aluminum 102X93 Ball Bearing
    Saddle - 244X132mm
    Seat Posts-alloy 27.2X250mm

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