Chasing Clouds

9th to 16th Oct 2022

Meghalaya literally means the 'Abode of Clouds'. A cycling adventure in Meghalaya is truly adventurous, with unrivalled scenery and extraordinary cultural experience. As you ride, narrow winding roads cling on to the mist-covered mountains, and waterfalls and streams give you company. For those who love to climb, this is a tour with no flat sections, only uphill and downhill.

Meghalaya has been considered remote till recently, and that is evident in their culture and cuisine. Outside the touristy town of Shillong and Cherrapunji, your linguistic skills will be challenged unless you speak Khasi. The street-side eateries serve simple rice and curry, along with tea. Young men start their day with Jadoh, an equivalent of pulao. made with short-grain red rice called joha rice. Local Khasi women are seen wearing Jainsen, a traditional robe.

During the recce, we realized that one can’t truly experience Meghalaya by cycling alone. The root bridges, the waterfalls, the caves - these are an intrinsic part of Meghalaya, yet will be missed on a pure cycling holiday. That’s why we created a tour that is a combination of cycling and trekking.

Departures - 9th Oct 2022

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Ride Days: 5 ride days, 1 trek day
• Explore Cherrapunji, the rain capital of the world, and its surrounding Khasi hills on the bike.
• Trek to living route bridges. These are simple suspension bridges formed by roots of rubber fig trees across a stream or river.
• Ride out and explore some stunning waterfalls around Cherrapunji. Jump into the crystal clear water of the naturally formed pool.
• Visit stunning limestone caves known for their fossils.


Tour Distance (In kms) Elevation Gain (In mts.) Days Difficulty Price
Chasing Clouds 328 7400 6 High ₹79,000 onwards


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